Youth Spiritual Gifts Test

helping youth of today discover their spiritual gifts

Youth Spiritual Gifts

Several years ago I was teaching on Spiritual Gifts and set out to find a quality test for the youth to take. The written ones were long, tedious and time consuming. The online ones lacked quality and said little about the students actual gifting. So I set out to develop my own.

Spiritual gifts are not always easy to identify. A spiritual gift is any supernatural ability which God has given you specifically to further His kingdom.

This youth spiritual gifts test does not provide a definitive list of the spiritual gifts. In fact, no spiritual gifts test is able to do that. What it does do is provide a list of assumed spiritual gifts that a youth may have and then provides a resource for validating the assumptions made by the youth spiritual gifts test. So, the test provides some results that may be true. You then must use the additional resources provided at the end of the test to find out if the results are accurate.